Will Maccabe, BSc

Concept Artist / Illustrator / Multimedia Designer / Writer


I am a concept artist, illustrator, artist, and multimedia designer. I also write and design science fiction I.P.'s

Art-wise, I use digital painting, 3D modelling and also traditional techniques to arrive at my final pieces. I am highly organised with workload and communications, and I am used to working to a client's brief. Past clients include: "Draw Code Games: Tribal Guardian", "Thon: The Game", "Proxy Army Games", "Driftpoems", and other freelance commissions.

I also make traditional and fine arts and in 2018/2019 I had my first exhibition at the “Outstanding Artists” gallery in the centre of Amsterdam.

I have a BSc Multimedia & Digital Systems degree from Sussex University (2:1, 68%, 3.8 GPA). It was half multimedia (film, games, interactive design, graphics, sound) and half computer sciences. I scored first class honours in video editing, 3D programming, 3D web applications, music technology & my Unreal Engine dissertation, and highly in the modules to do with my skillset and aspirations. This knowledge adds a technical edge to my artforms.

Currently I live in central Brighton, England. My freelance rates are very competitive. To hire me as a freelance Artist or to buy Art, please email: